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Specialists of our data centers are ready to provide services in the administration of your virtual or dedicated server.


Rental of telecommunication cabinets and colocation in the data center


Rental of server equipment of leading world manufacturers


Rent virtual servers.
Vitrualization: OpenVZ, KVM


Placing a site on the technical platform of the data center.


Register a domain name with the further deployment site.


Rent SSL certificates at any level from leading suppliers.

Our administrators have extensive experience installing and configuring various operating systems as well as the necessary software.
You can order a one-time setup required software and monthly server maintenance by our administrator.
For professional assistance in setting up the software you just need to send to the postal address of our technical support «support [at]» terms of reference with a list of necessary work. After analyzing it we will evaluate the expert time needed to complete the task. If it suits you, you can make a payment. At the end of work our specialists will be contacted to check the work done.

The service is available on weekdays from 10:00 to 18:00.

Cost of service

for the hour of the system administrator.

Monthly administration
The service includes:
  • Monitoring of services, troubleshooting in their work.
  • Security monitoring.
  • Necessary security-updates.
  • Optimization of productivity software.
  • The basic package includes 10 hours of work per month.

Cost of service


Advantages of customer service:
  • Software on the server is configured quickly and professionally.
  • You do not need a dedicated professional administrator on your side.

Our advantages


Daily, weekly backups of virtual servers, websites, databases.


Round the clock technical support. Our experts at any time to help solve your problems.

Low prices

Our company offers competitive prices for the rental of equipment and accommodation.

High quality

The quality of services you can be sure using the free trial period.