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SSL (Secure sockets layer) – a cryptographic protocol that implies a more secure connection. It uses asymmetric cryptography to authenticate the exchange of keys, symmetric encryption for confidentiality, message authentication codes for message integrity. The Protocol has been widely used for instant messaging and voice over IP (The Voice over the IP – the VoIP) applications such as e-mail, Internet fax, and others.


Rental of telecommunication cabinets and colocation in the data center


Rental of server equipment of leading world manufacturers


Rent virtual servers.
Vitrualization: OpenVZ, KVM


Placing a site on the technical platform of the data center.


Register a domain name with the further deployment site.


Rent SSL certificates at any level from leading suppliers.

With domain verification

Basic certificate confirming ownership of the domain.

Secure subdomains

Certificates that protect not only your domain name, but also any number of its subdomains


SAN SSL certificates provide security for up to 100 different domains with one certificate

With the green line

Certificates with a green line are the most prestigious and the best kind of SSL

Our advantages


Daily, weekly backups of virtual servers, websites, databases.


Round the clock technical support. Our experts at any time to help solve your problems.

Low prices

Our company offers competitive prices for the rental of equipment and accommodation.ия.

High quality

The quality of services you can be sure using the free trial period.